You, the Client hereby accept and commission Invantage (Pty) Ltd trading as Full Solar Systems (FSS) to commence with the services as per the written quotation provided. The start date will be subject to the required deposit being received by FSS and equipment sourcing lead times.

To secure the services to be rendered and procurement of all equipment quoted on, the Client agrees to transfer by EFT or settle in cash an 80% deposit of the total cost up-front. The Client agrees to settle the remaining 20% upon the completion of the project.

Full Solar Systems agrees to take on this project and execute it as per the provided quotation and general project terms. FSS further agrees to:

  1. Apply and adhere to all electrical and general safety standards.
  2. Demonstrate workmanship of high quality and professionalism.
  3. Execute the project in line with the provided quotation and commitments made.
  4. Timeously communicate with the Client should there be any delays and aim to resolve any issues or complexities speedily.


In signing the Acceptance of the Project above, both the Client and FSS further agree and acknowledge that:

  1. In order to monitor the health of the Client’s system (and specifically the batteries), the Client must ensure that Wi-Fi coverage remains good, and solar equipment is able to access the internet. This will ensure the longevity of the system and is a requirement for the 10-year warranty of the batteries.
  2. The solar and backup power system often need to be specifically listed under the Client’s short-term insurance policy in order to be covered for any claims resulting from damage or accidents. FSS, suggest you discuss this with your insurer to confirm this. We recommend you specify your whole system if you wish to have it insured. (Inverter, batteries, and solar panels where applicable) FSS will not be responsible for replacement or repairs should there be accidental damage to the system once it is installed.
  3. FSS would want to issue the Client with a new electrical Certificate of Compliance (CoC) for his/her entire electrical system post-installation. However, should there be electrical aspects that prohibit us to do so on the existing electrical installation, then we would first quote the Client to address these issues. The Client will be free to make use of his own electrical contractor, should he not wish to make use of our services to issue a new CoC.
  4. FSS warranties their workmanship for a period of 12 months after completing the installation. Should any issues arise directly related to poor workmanship on the solar installation, FSS will attend to these timeously.
  5. All equipment carries their respective original manufacturer warranties.
  6. FSS will take utmost care to not cause any damage to any existing structures or fixtures at the installation site. The Client should expect some light maintenance post the project, like paint touch-ups and/or some cracked roof tiles. These unlikely (but possible repairs) will be at The Client’s expense.
  7. Should FSS or The Client decide to not complete the project, the Client must return all equipment provided and will obtain a refund of funds paid, minus actual expenses and labour.
  8. Should the Client not settle any outstanding fees on completion of the project, FSS retains full ownership of the system until all fees are settled. Unsettled fees provide FSS with the right to uninstall and/or disconnect the system at their discretion.


When a new CoC has been issues and the system is operational, the project will be deemed complete, and all remaining balances to FSS are due for immediate payment. At completion, both parties acknowledge that:

  1. The installation has been completed as specified by FSS.
  2. A new electrical compliance certificate has been issued by FSS, or alternatively, the Client has opted to not have electrical issues remediated by FSS.
  3. Outstanding fees due to FSS will be settled by the Client.
  4. FSS will for a period of 12 months after the installation continues to monitor the system closely and assist the Client with advice and support to achieve stable and optimal operation. This may include follow-up on-site visits by FSS to review the system.
  5. For any faults relating to a call-out during this 12-month period, that is directly related to the installed system, there will be no call-out fee. Standard call-out hours are Monday to Friday from 9 am to 6 pm. For hours outside of these times, an after-hour fee may be charged.

Any changes, notices or agreements that are not covered by this INSTALLATION ACCEPTANCE, TERMS AND WARRANTIES document, must be agreed upon in writing between both parties.