Full Solar Systems should be your number one choice. We have some of the best skills in the industry and a highly qualified team, who really knows our products. Service is key and we value that your install actually works as intended through top advice and after-install follow-ups. On top of all this, our prices are unbeatable.


The start of any solar or backup power project involves understanding your current situation, personal needs and requirements. Key to success is improving your energy efficiency, and doing appropriate technical design. Covering areas such as estimated usage, total capacity, essential loads, distribution board planning and general sizing is key. Poor planning and the wrong advise will cost you much in the long run.


We often go beyond just the solar install, and will make your house more "green" if required; advising on your lighting, geyser timers and many other aspects.


Our solar advisory service is free of charge as part of a solar installation, and we want to make sure you get the most value out of your system.


Our in-house expert team includes Electrical Engineers and fully qualified Electricians, who pride themselves on each and every installation.


We will manage and complete every aspect of your solar project until completion. We guarantee the quality of our work, and each installation comes with a certificate of compliance.

We believe in installing good quality systems, which will provide you with many years of reliable service. We do not install cheap inverters and other components that typically fail soon after warrantee, but has partnered with a select number of brands that offer excellent reliability and capability at good value. You will be satisfied.


Solar and energy systems have evolved over the years and have imbedded micro controllers and software management interfaces. Configuring these systems correctly is critical.


We have a deep understand of the products we install, and we also ensure that the configuration of the various system components are optimal.


Our service does not end when an installation is done, but we continue to monitor and optimise our installations for our clients.


We have a deep understanding of installing backup power and solar systems for residential and commercial applications.

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Skilled Team

Our skilled team will help you understand how to make your house or business energy efficient. Important to us as it is to you.

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Expert knowledge and skill

90% of the time we outprice our competitors with a significantly better price, using higher quality hardware!